Delicious Sourdough Toast Snacks

Lane, our founder, hated bread growing up because it was always too soggy. His mother sent him to school with a bag of crackers and a bag of lunch meat, to avoid a wet sandwich at lunchtime. He even asked for a lifetime supply of cracker for Hannukah once. He received something close to it, but consumed it all in a few weeks.

Sourdough bread, in its superior chewy texture and complex flavor, lends itself to a very crunchy and delicious cracker when it is sliced thin and rebaked. This is what we do to make our Sourdough Toasts, our gourmet cracker. We make tiny loaves of sourdough bread, slice them and rebake them for the perfect addition to a charcuterie board or a morning tea. You can pick up Sourdough Toasts at MOM’s Organic Market and various Whole Foods locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic — as well as some of your favorite Maryland wineries. Click here to find them.

“We love these crackers. They are better than any store-bought cracker we’ve tried (and we’ve been trying for almost 60 years). They are indeed crispy and tasty. So far, they’ve enhanced every cheese we’ve tried with them. We’re ready for a bigger package, Lane.”

—June H.

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Sourdough Toasts
Pecan Cranberry Sourdough Toasts

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—Danielle L.


—Lisa F.