Where can I find A Friendly Bread products?

We are available in grocery stores and retail shops all around town. Check out the maps or lists below!

Don’t see your favorite store listed here? Request us!

Grilled Cheese

The retail outlets on the map below offer Sourdough Grilled Cheese in their freezers.

Sourdough Toasts

The retail outlets on the map below offer Sourdough Toasts on their shelves.

“A Friendly Bread has ruined me. I cannot eat other breads anymore. The chew, the texture, the taste has me turning my nose up to even other sourdough breads, which, at one time, I thought were pretty good. The ‘simple country loaf’ is far from a simple country loaf. No matter if you’re making grilled cheese or a PB&J the simple country loaf will have you passing on that Pepperidge Farm poser every time. I’ve become a ‘bread snob’ … my only fear is running out of bread from A Friendly Bread.”

—Joseph E.

Previously known as the “milkman for fresh, delicious bread”

We still love bread. We love snacks now, too.

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