We want your feedback

We are so excited about the other snacks that we can make with our own delicious, real, naturally leavened sourdough. Here are some sneak peaks at the other products that we are developing. You can help us get it exactly right by taking the survey associated with each product in development:

Sourdough French Toast Coming Soon

Our customers love to tell us about the hearty, deeply flavored french toasts they make with our bread — including some discontinued bread flavors we’re thinking of bringing back for this product. Stay tuned for a customer survey where you can let us know what you’d like, including flavors, sizes, and more.

Watch this space for our Frozen French Toast survey.

Snacking Croutons Coming Soon

Lane’s favorite food (besides the Chocolate + Cardamom Cake made by Taste This Cake, and the occasional meal of Korean fried chicken) is Caesar Salad. But when assorted croutons from A Friendly Bread make it into the mix, they steal the show. When he would go on his long delivery runs, Lane’s breakfast and lunch were just large bags of croutons.

We used to bake, bag and sell croutons made from assorted flavors on the bread menu. The best ones are those made from Pecan Cranberry, Turmeric, Asiago Roasted Garlic, and Multiseed sourdoughs. We know that many of you out there would become devoted crouton snackers if given the chance, so this product will give you the chance!

Watch this space for our Snacking Croutons survey.